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333 - News from Ismail Işılsoy in Yeşılırmak, the poetic sculptor

By Heidi Trautmann


When you meet people, interesting people, artists, you eventually want to know what they are doing a couple of months later after your last encounter. And so you pick up the thread and ask them: “What are doing at the moment?”  What Ismail Işılsoy did nearly one year ago I have written down here:




For an artist it is most interesting to see how his/her colleagues are progressing, you want to know,…has she/he got a step further….what are his/her thoughts??

So, here are some of Ismail’s answers:


“I like spending hours in my humble studio every day indeed... "Collaboration between the poetry of nature and the human heart." Hope to see you in summertime..."



Hi Heidi ! Thanks for your recent polite comment dear friend... I am quite busy nowadays as I prepare for an exhibition in Muğla - Turkey, on July the 13th-22th... It will be subtitled as "Silent Screams of Cyprus"... Another target is to achieve the 7th annual exhibition in Yeşilırmak on the first half of September. Let' see ! It will be subtitled "Forgotten Ballads" if I succeed... Yes, the poetry !

Here is an old ballad and I will try to translate more and try to adapt them to today’s reality :

a blue - green leaf
will fade away surely
these writings will remain
as a memory of me

I ate grape and bread
my carnation in violet
I don't want being divided

Best regards...
they'll force us to separate




Let pictures tell how he got on.




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