Heidi Trautmann

687 - Two young musicians of the TRNC to be proud of - Suna Alsançak and Erol Emmioğlu

By Heidi Trautmann


Rauf Kasimov and his students Suna and Erol returned triumphant from the 2nd International Music Competition ‘Heirs of Orpheus’ which took place in Albena, a sea resort on the Bulgarian black sea coast from September 02-12, 2014 in which fourteen countries took part. Eleven disciplines were available on the agenda of the competition, so quite a number of talented young musicians had assembled in Albena.

I was very happy to learn that….

Suna Alsançak (7), in the age group of 7-12 was given first prize PLUS a special award for being the youngest pianist.

Erol Emmioğlu (17) in the age group of 15-19) was granted the third prize for his recital.


Suna was on stage twice, once with her teacher Rauf Kasimov, playing one of his own compositions four-handed and the next day a solo recital (Bach - two part inventions, Kuhlau-Sonatina in C, Gavrilin-"Nejnaya".  

Erol played: Bach-Prélude and Fuga D minor from WTC vol.1, Beethoven-Rondo "Rage of the lost penny", Liszt-Transcendental Étude "Chasse Neige".


I know both young pianists, last year I heard Suna for the first time play in Bellapais and Erol I have been watching growing and developing since the age of five and I am sincerely hoping that both find their way in the world of music.

Rauf Kasimov tells me that he was moved to see his two students play in the competition among about 50 participants of all age groups in the piano discipline. It is the reward for his efforts in tuition he has been giving them over the years. “It is very important to take the students to competitions, he says, first to be judged by a jury of professionals and also to measure themselves within a circle of other talents from all over the world. The older the young students get the more difficult it is in competitions to be in the first row as many highly talented youths from all over the world are pushing forward. Erol should seek without further delay high conservatoire education with all the necessary background education.”


Rauf Kasimov is much concerned about the future of his students, it is also his life, he has invested a lot into them, and he wants to see them come into full bloom.


We shall have an opportunity to see him and his many students on a concert in Bellapais shortly, on October 12; the programme and the names of the students will soon be published.


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