Heidi Trautmann

110 - Neriman Oyman is in town - Review


I came to the opening of Neriman Oyman’s exhibition “Footprints of Eternity” at the Eaved House which was opened by our First Lady Oya Talat. Her paintings are full of fantasy and fairy tales as we could expect from the announcement we saw everywhere in the papers.

With this exhibition she is honouring the Turkish actress Halit Refiğ who died earlier this year.

I had to go very close to see all the sweet dream-like details she has woven into her paintings. I asked her if she thinks and writes the same way she paints and she said: yes, I do. I believe her. In our world full of hard facts it is desirable to bathe in comforting dreams.


It is her 28th exhibition. She is well known and admired in Turkey, also through her strong links to the cinema world. Hence her painting style circling around its rich fantasy world.

Last year a book on her was published, titled Neriman Oyman with her memoirs and paintings.


The exhibition will be open until December 14 during normal office hours.


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