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892 : 5th ARTTERAPI - Children Art Exhibition at the Public Library in Girne

Evim – Güzel Evim -  My house, my beautiful house

By Heidi Trautmann


I am always pleasantly surprised when visiting the ARTTERAPI exhibitions because there you find good concepts of art education, and not only education in the arts but also the basic functioning and rules of society which is cooperation, respect for each other and the acceptance of each other’s character and peculiarities. In my opinion art education is one of the most important tools from early age on to become self-confident, respectful and observant in a world that is becoming harder every day.

The theme of the art project for children between 4 and 10 years was aimed at one’s environment, starting with MY WORLD – MY CITY – MY FOREST and finally MY HOME. How do I want to see my world, my city, my forest/nature, and my own house; what properties are important for us, for me.

The kids had one canvas of one size, either for groups of two of approximately the same age, on which they had to cooperate. The teacher and initiator of ARTTERAPI, Bahar Çıralı a wonderful artist, told me that she taught the children the use of paint and brush but did not influence the creativity and fantasy of the young artists, that must be coming out of their little heads and hearts.  Prior to the art work, they all sat down and discussed the various themes and how they are interconnected. The children brought in their ideas and imagination. Their image of the world was painted on balls and were hung from the ceiling floating over the guests.

On Saturday, September 24, children from outside were invited to a small workshop on the grounds of the Public Library to create their own poster to take home.


The exhibition will be open until September 30 at the Public Library, a good occasion to visit the library.


Click on the link to read about the 2nd Artterapi Art Exhibition and a short introduction to Bahar’s philosophy.



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Bahar Cirali
Bahar Cirali

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