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May 9 - 10 GoGaneshaGo - Final Programme

Go Ganesha Go - Final Programme

Venue: Lokmaci Checkpoint on both sides of Ledra Street


Listen to the Drums of Friendship and Peace


May 09


10.30 a.m:

The Drums of Friendship and Peace will tell you the way; the drummer group consists of five drummers of different nationalities. They will be heard on both sides to call the peace-seekers.


The Mayor of Lefkoşa, Cemal Metin Bulutoğlulari, will open the GoGaneshaGo Elephant  Peace Movement on the north side of the line with words of welcome to all those who have come to participate, many from far away, as far as New Zealand.


Mrs Ute Woermann-Stylianou from Goethe-Zentrum, Nicosia, as one of the sponsors will greet the participants and guests.


Mrs Rose Marie Gnausch the initiator will explain the background of her peace project and will open the event to all friends of peace on the island; from here she will continue her journey to Israel next and from there to other countries with divided cities.


With poems by two Cypriot poets the Street Exhibition will send the visitors on their way to meet the elephants on both sides.


The drummers will accompany the visitors to the other side of the check point.


11:00 a.m.:

The Mayor of Nicosia, Mrs Eleni Mavrou, will greet the long train of elephant creators and peace lovers and officially open the two-day-festival.

The ceremony will continue with the speakers mentioned above.


Also here the drummer group will send their message of “peace in the world” high up into the sky together with 70 balloons released on both sides and at the same time, where they can immediately unite and can perhaps be seen by people behind the mountains and perhaps one or the other will reach another coast line to spread the news.


A special art performance has been created by Sonja Vank where she will be the herdswoman  of  a great number of origami elephants who will cross the green line in slow motion.


The Street Exhibition will close around 18:00


The programme on Sunday, May 10:


The Street Exhibtion will be open to visit as from 10:00 a.m until 18:00.







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