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May 9 - 10 - Go Ganesha Go – Elephant Peace Movement – Latest News

The opening day May 9 is getting closer.  I wonder if they also do a big clean-up on both sides of Ledra Street as they have done across the country just shortly before the elections.

Hundreds of peace elephants are waiting all over the world to come together in Nicosia on May 9 at 11:00 am to be welcomed by the Nicosian mayor Mrs Eleni Mavrou. What a nice coincidence that the opening of the Peace Movement will be on the same day as the Europe Day! A festival for young and old, for people of all world nationalities, for all those who are willing to live together in peace and for those who still don’t believe in it but can perhaps be persuaded to have a look and to listen to this international outcry.

A manifest by children, school classes, universities, by professional and hobby artists, a movement to cross borders. I personally know of local Cypriot artists from both sides taking part, art students, private persons and children.

In January Rose Marie Gnausch, the artist and initiator, had held a preview exhibition at the Famagusta Gate to give an example of what others around the world have already accomplished. Many came and admired the work. The project has found many sponsors: There is the German Embassy and the Goethe-Zentrum in Nicosia, there are the Embassies of Luxembourg and their Cultural Department, the Austrian Embassy, each supporting their participating artists.

Let us look forward and celebrate this very special event. You still have time to make your own contribution, wear a T-Shirt with your drawing on it, or you, kids, bring your elephant toy, or perhaps you want to dance the Elephant Dance!

The street exhibition will be on display for two days. Volunteer helpers will be available on both sides for the organisation and control.

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Elephant contribution by Nilgün Güney
Elephant contribution by Nilgün Güney

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