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Oct 22, 23, 24 - LambousaTheatre with three one act plays



That, never anybody has doubted! I have seen all the plays and musical shows by Francine and Grahame Ash. Their talent and love to entertain is well respected and the new programme for the coming season was eagerly expected by their fans. It is live theatre, done with love and passion by all the actors and all helping hands involved. May they continue with the same enthusiasm and let us go and pay our respects on one of the evenings.  Heidi

Three one act comedies at the Baron’s Theatre presented by TheatreLambousa on Thursday 22nd, Friday, 23rd and Saturday 24th October at 7.30 pm. Tickets are 20 TL including one drink and one savoury.

 “A Medieval Help Desk”

”Too Long an Autumn” and

“White Lies”

“A Medieval Help Desk” is extremely funny, almost Pythonesque in its
send up of the IT help desks.  Matt Turner is putting his
stamp on the role of the "Advisor", who resolves the problems, ably
aided and abetted by Chrys Ismail as the helpful Herald, who explains
that you are number three in a queue of 5, whilst ”Greensleeves” is
played while you wait.  Introducing three new faces, Mike Lines, Ian
Long and Steve Sylvester playing the messengers who need help with
issues such as arrows penetrating the walls of the Baron’s new castle.

A different type of humour is provided in “Too Long an Autumn”. “Long
Autumn” is an appropriately named retirement home for theatricals in
the autumn of their lives, where there is a firm belief that elderly
equals senility, like with Maisie May, a former music hall star played by Jan Marsh. Brian Thomas is the likeable “Del-boy” agent character, Ian Long as
the pompous son, Anita Woods as his frosty faced wife and Val Wilce as
the supercilious Nursing home administrator. The play was very well written by Jimmie Chinn.

The third and final play was “White Lies”; again a different style of
comedy. A reunion dinner is arranged for four women, some 35 year
after they graduated from Cambridge. Sabena Coulter as the imperious Bea, Jan Marsh plays Ruth, the mumsie graduate, Anita Woods, as Judith, the spinster writer and Adele Thomas as Pam, the compassionate one. In addition there is Diana Peek in her first acting role with TheatreLambousa as the tormented waitress.

Director:  Val Joyner


Too Long anAutumn
Too Long anAutumn

White Lies
White Lies

White Lies
White Lies

White Lies
White Lies

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