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120 - Pink Floyd Project for Peace

Peter Graham entertains the website www.living-in-northern-cyprus.com

Occasionally I place an article or art news in his art section and in return he gives me information on new things or events. Here is an absolutely fascinating project he has started in Facebook and for which he is presently preparing a new and special website. But read for yourselves about the Pink Floyd Project.


Dear Heidi, as promised here is some info about the Pink Floyd Facebook page.

The page was started after I interviewed Mark Blake, the author of a recent Pink Floyd biography. It dawned on me that there were so many comparisons between the songs of Pink Floyd and the relationship between North and South in Cyprus.


The common themes were lack of communication and division. This also applied to the relationships in the band. I felt it all seamed to tie together, I am sure you are aware of "The Wall" concert in Berlin and I thought maybe a similar concert could take place on the green line to support the current talks and make a positive difference to the future of Cyprus.


Roger Waters (main Pink Floyd songwriter/bass/singer) wants to do the concert, but there are logistical problems with it taking place and David Gilmour is yet to be approached. The group aims to show the Government(s) there is a big demand for this concert from both sides of Cyprus and all across the world. It would be a fantastic way to bring the communities closer. I know that it can only take place with their help.


There are over 7,000 supporters at present including Dave Navarro (from rock band 'Jane's Addiction') and Kathy Liebert (worlds most successful women poker player) and people from over 40 countries.


You can support the page here


There is also a website in production http://www.moderncyprus.com Its aim is to promote groups involved in activities designed to bring the two sides of Cyprus closer together. 



Best Wishes,



I was asking Peter Graham why he became so involved with Cyprus, with the North of Cyprus to not only entertain a website but also initiate a peace project such as “Pink Floyd for one Cyprus” at the divide, between the two island halves. He wrote back to me:



“I am living in the UK at the moment,  my father lives in Alsancak and I get over to see him when I can. I love Cyprus and will possibly end up there one day. 


I love many things especially Art, Music and Film 


I have friends on both sides of the island and would love to see a 'solution' to the current division in some form or another.”


The photo displayed is a pastiche on The Dark Side of The Moon, Pink Floyd cover.


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