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9 - Choir Concert in Bellapais on February 20 - Review

Review by Miriam

KKTC Milli Eğitim ve Kültür Bakanlığı

Wyre Forest Young Voices (İngiltere) ile Lefkoşa Anadolu Güzel Sanatlar Lisesi                                    Müzik Bölümü Öğrencilerinin birlikte sunacakları koro konserini onurlandırmanızı diler.


The Minister of Education and Culture of TRNC


We would like to invite you to attend the joint choir concert of Wyre Forest Young Voices              from the U.K and Nicosia-Anatolian Fine Arts and Music High School of TRNC.
Tarih/Date : 20 Şubat 2009 Cuma - 20 February 2009, Friday

Saat/ Time : 19.30

Yer / Place : Bellapais Manastırı – Bellapais Abbey - Kyrenia




Girne, 23 February 2009


Letter to the Editor of Cyprus Today



A Wonderful Concert in Bellapais



I was thrilled last Friday to be present at a terrific concert in Bellapais Abbey given by two children’s choirs: Lefkoşa Anatolia Fine Arts and Music High School and a choir from England, the Wyre Forest Young Voices.

The programme was an unbelievable range of songs in several languages which everyone enjoyed.


Actually my mother practically had to drag me along to this concert

but I’m so glad that she did.


The two choirs sang with great enjoyment and this came over to the audience and it was so nice to see children from different countries enjoying

each other’s music.


It was a pity that more children from other local choirs were not in the audience to understand the fun that can be had by singing together.


My congratulations and thanks to both choirs for a wonderful evening.

I hope that we will have more concerts like this.


Miriam Marancos ( Aged 11)





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