Heidi Trautmann

June 25 - Youth against nationalism - 2nd anti fascist event - concerts

Thursday 25/6/2009 18:00- midnight Park between Solomou and Eleftheria Sq, Lefkosia
Έπισυνάπτουμε το Δελτίο Τύπου

The need for anti-fascist action is ongoing. 35 years since the fascist coup in Cyprus and we are still suffering from its effects. This year, especially, all efforts for rapprochement and peace have been under constant attack. Immigrants were scapegoated even more in order to justify the crisis and unemployment. Extreme right-wing organizations are beginning to proliferate.

Participating organisations include: ALERT Citizens Initiative , Anatropi Magazine, Revma Magazine, Active Citizenship Group, Platform of G/C & T/C Τeachers, AccessArts-Αrteri Magazine, Workers Democracy, YKP youth, Baraka Cultural Centre, KSP, KGP, Cypriot-Kurdish Friendship Association.

The festival is open to all. There will be live music, theatre, video projections, photographic exhibition, children's corner, drinks and much more. Multi national artists performing including Turkish Cypriots, Greek Cypriots and immigrants. Featuring: Sol Anahtari, Dj Frankie, Geger Xwin, Roof Top Theatre, Haji Mike, Alice In Flames.

+357 22 102232 / 99 190164



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