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372 - KADS 2012: Joining the Club & Last Tango in Kyrenia

By Heidi Trautmann


I had already wondered what had become of KADS, the Kyrenia Amateur Drama Society, when three successive nights were announced with comedies by David Tristram.  As Lawrie Oxley said quite rightly: it is too darn hot to have complicated sets and costumes, but I do generally agree with him: Less is better: what the acting can’t say, the set will not improve.


You know KADS? For those who don’t: It is a renowned private amateur theatre group founded in 1974, and names like Dorothy Haile, John Dooley, Dottie Jewett, Muriel and John Clutten and others, will never be forgotten. Their first performance was at The Grapevine in Kyrenia , I was told. For some years now Lawrie Oxley has taken over as director and new people  have been bitten by the bug of theatre, British and Cypriot actors and actresses, or as helping hands for the many duties which go along with theatre. They have established themselves at the Cultural Centre of the Kyrenia Municipality right in the centre of the Wednesday Market.

Entertainment it is what Laurie is after, comedies, plays critical of society, such as on the last days of June this year, plays in which we can recognize ourselves, things we would say in similar situations.


While the guests enjoyed the view from the roof of the building with a drink – they enjoyed the breeze from the sea -  the cast got ready in the thankfully temperature controlled house. The first one act play was with Rezan Shekerzade and Stephen Everett playing a couple going through typical conventional arguments at the confirmation that they were going to have a baby. Well played.

The second play by the same author surprised us with a charming adaptation to a theatre group named KADS trying to be more successful with sex in the city. Great and funny performance. I know Caroline Attwood from previous plays, her talent is very natural, her mimicry and body language makes it, she does not have to say much. Also the others are old hands, if on stage I couldn’t say.


A lovely evening.


I want to add Lawrie’s call for new members in all areas, also covering technicians, and help both onstage and backstage: If you are interested call 0533 848 9839 or 0533 832 8121.

Joining the Club
Joining the Club

Last Tango in Kyrenia
Last Tango in Kyrenia

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