Heidi Trautmann

Heidi Trautmann Column 4 - Let’s talk about dignity of the trade

It was in the German news that the former President’s wife started a counter-attack against German media’ smear campaign after her husband was dismounted piece by piece from his position. I feel disgusted that members of our trade stop at nothing to boost sales, to come to fame. What fame? A very sad fame. The worse the news the better. It has become fashion to discuss the underwear of prominent people, it just shows the degree of intelligence of the writers. This disease has spread worldwide – there was the big newspaper scandal in England - and I welcome everyone who is defending him/herself and does not shy from open fight against these scheming and manipulations. The readers get dirt to eat, perhaps they want it to feel better in their own misery, I don’t know, but they take this habit into their own life and use the same attitude in their internet leisure walks, in websites, blogs and forums. What the big ones can do we can do too. It is not only the newspaper business, it is to be found everywhere. People who used to take pride in their professions, no longer care and only work for their own profit. When I was young, a banker was a respectable person, right next to the politician, the mayor and the priest, those were the honoraries of a community. Just look at them one by one. Corruption, dishonesty seem to be daily fare. In times of election it has become a habit to sling mud at each other; critics is good and necessary but it should remain within the limits of courtesy and respect. How can candidates who do that be regarded as responsible representatives of a community, a state? But look at estate agents and lawyers, we have had plenty of that. We personally have been very lucky but there have now groups formed because the individual cannot help him/herself any longer. When you are in need of something, you go to an expert and will willingly pay him for his service when the job is well done. There is trust involved in the honesty of that person. When you elect a person to become your lawyer, your mayor or president, you want to believe that the person is capable of taking decisions for your best, the people’s best. When you give your car for repair or service you expect that the job is done expertly and you don’t risk your life on the roads. A master in the job will hang the master certificate with pride on the wall behind the desk; when graduating he/she takes the responsibility to execute the job to the best of knowledge and ability and will treat his/her customers, patients or citizens to their best interest. This is how we understand it, or how it should be understood. While executing a job the personal interest must stand back. We fight for a clean environment along our roads and beaches but our spiritual environment is in just the same condition. People in leading and educational positions are required to set a good example to turn the wheel around to our common good. Published in Cyprus Observer 2012

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