Heidi Trautmann


Are you interested in acting? Not certain? Why not give it a try? There are large, medium and small roles for both men and women, on offer from TheatreLambousa, the leading ex-pat theatrical group in the TRNC.

TheatreLambousa is presenting three one act comedies at the Barons’ Theatre in Chateau Lambousa at Lapta on Thursday through to Saturday on 22nd, 23rd and 24th October.

The read through will take place on Thursday 9th July at 8.00 pm.

Auditions for the roles will take place on the following Thursday, 16th at the same time. Both events will take place at the Chateau Lambousa.

The plays include “White Lies” by Richard James, which is about a reunion between four female friends who reflect on their amusing experiences at university........but then matters get out of hand.

A retirement home for theatricals is the setting of the play “Too Long an Autumn” by Jimmie Chinn, where there is a firm belief amongst the staff that “elderly equals senile”. This all changes when an “old timer” is forced to retire.

“Medieval Help Desk” is a spoof on modern day Call Centres.

If you would like any further information, please give Director Val Joyner a call on 0542 8739 366.



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