Heidi Trautmann

June 7 - 12 - Özden Selenge - Book Launch and Art Exhibition

Özden Selenge has made it again! Another book and a new painting exhibition. For many months you would not see her. She had locked herself up in her house and worked.

The title of her new book is Korkma Ay Doğacak and I am sure her paintings will underline the story.

The opening is on June 7 at 19:30 at the new EMAA Art Centre (behind the Ministry of Education) and the exhibition will be open until June 12.

Viewing times are:

Monday: 16.00 - 20.00

Tuesday - Friday: 10-13.00 and 16.00 - 20.00

Saturday: 10.00 - 14.00


I hope to see you there, Heidi

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