Heidi Trautmann

71 - The girl with the blue caps


‘Tis early practice only makes the master (Friedrich von Schiller)


By Heidi Trautmann


Sonay Demirpençe,  a nine year old girl, had heard of the project to collect blue caps for the needy people. One day she made up her mind and decided to join forces with Toparlaniyoruz.  She brought baskets to each class room of her school, the Levent Primary School in Nicosia, and asked teachers and pupils to collect all blue caps into the baskets.

On Wednesday, January 29, she made an appointment with Mr. Kudret Özersay and arrived at the Centre to hand over the baskets full of blue plastic caps.

All persons present at the Centre at that time were very touched by the initiative young Sonay had taken, especially that a young girl of her age would have such awareness of social problems and that she undertook to encourage her classmates and teachers to go along with her. Mr. Kudret Özersay gave her a thank you certificate and a small present to remember this day.



Dr. Kudret Özersay thanking Sonay
Dr. Kudret Özersay thanking Sonay

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