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58 - The Waffle House in Kyrenia

Is the opening of a Waffle House art news? Perhaps, I thought it worthwhilementioning it here in this section.



Once upon a time there was a young boy named Serkan Altugra who liked nothing better than sweets, sweets at any time of the day. When he grew up he became a dentist and had subsequently to fight the sugar containing passions of his patients, especially the young ones. On one of his travels to medical trade fairs and conferences he came to the cities of Cologne in Germany and Brussels in Belgium where he often found himself in front of inviting stands of most delicious waffles. From that time on he researched the waffle houses for recipes and possibilities. One day he imported this idea to North Cyprus to be the ever first Waffle House on the island. A dream fulfilled. On Friday, August 21, he and his newly appointed Manager and old friend Zeki Çeler, renowned director of Kyrenia Folkdance Group, presented the project to the public.

The opening ceremony was very spectacular with a folk dance show and when finally the big moment came to officially open the Waffle House, the oversize young men of our basketball team, who were the guests of honour,  each of them holding a pair of scissors in their hands, cut the ribbon. It was done and the many guests entered the house where they were offered waffles dripping with chocolate or other toppings.  Just look at the young sportsmen as if they wanted to say…’we got this tall by eating waffles every day’…Can advertising be any better?


The Waffle House on two stories offers a big variety of tastes on top of the waffles: Cyprus tastes, nuts, sauces, creams, fresh fruit, stewed fruit and ice creams and at very reasonable prices. You know the pottery house Dizayn 74? There it is, just next to it.

The owner
The owner

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