Heidi Trautmann

568 - Jazz in Town – If the Venetians had known…


By Heidi Trautmann


Aydin Esen and his band got the walls of the Bedesten to vibrate with their jazz tunes, the rhythm wandered through the empty lanes between old Venetian building and must have awoken the Venetian ghosts: If I had been one of them I would have gone to watch through the glass walls who was playing this great jazz.

It was Aydin Esen from Turkey; he is a renowned jazz pianist and composer; the bass guitar played by Kai Eckhardt a Liberian bassist and composer born in Germany and Tommy Campbell, a drummer from America….and a jazz singer, unfortunately I cannot find out her name, it was not mentioned in the catalogue.


We love Jazz, we grew up with Jazz and we are very happy to find it here in Cyprus. Also the young people from here love Jazz as I could see when my eyes wandered through the rows, heads and bodies were shaking with eyes closed.

You should have seem them play not just listened, Aydin played on three different keyboards, like an acrobat; the drummer went into one ecstasy after another and the fingers of the bassist had a life of their own. WOW! And then the singer: her voice was an instrument, it was not the words, it were tunes, beats and rhythm.


A big thank you to the organiser Naci Talat Foundation!  The band posed for the many cameras together with another jazz lover, Dr. Sibel Siber.

If the Venetians had known what jazz is they would have started it themselves, I guess.






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