Heidi Trautmann

June 26 - July 12 - 32nd Orange Festival in Güzelyurt in 2009

Whenever I go to Güzelyurt coming from Girne and having crossed the last pass of the Kyrenia mountain range in the west, I experience a sort of transformation; the landscape is different, the soil dark red, typical mountain trees, bent from the westerly sea winds, a clear-sightedness during some hours of the day but mostly there is a layer of slight mist softening the colours over the hills towards the sea. When you finally arrive in the area of the new Technical University at Kalkanli and reduce speed before going downhill towards Güzelyurt, you will be at the rim of the Mesaoria, the million of years old seabed between the former two islands.


And there in the middle of it is the fruit-bowl of Northern Cyprus. In the proper time of the year you get fresh juices to drink at stalls along the road. The district of Güzelyurt is very special to me, a very rich agricultural region, rich in colour and rich in culture and legends. If you want to learn more about the legends of North Cyprus, then get the “Legends of Cyprus” by Ali Nesim-Şevket Öznur in three languages, Turkish, English and German.


Once a year, now for the 32nd time, from June 26 to July 12, the Orange Festival with many activities is celebrated, organized by the very active Güzelyurt Municipality. The programme contains entertainment, exhibitions, theatre plays, concerts, sport and art competitions for young and old. The event will be opened officially on Friday, June 26 with a procession through the town.

For the competitions in sports and games for youngsters please register with Kemal under

0533 865 6848.




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