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927 Fire of Spring – Art Exhibition with two Iranian Artists Asef Ebrahimi and Somaye Safavi

By Heidi Trautmann


Quite impressive the exhibition of large size paintings by two Iranian artists, an exhibition which was organized by the Art Gallery Cyprus.com. It comes in two phases:

Phase 1 : July 04 – 09 at the Acapulco Resort Convention SPA Hotel in Catalköy/Girne

Phase 2: July 11 – 29 at the Art Gallery Cyprus, in Nicosia, Esnaf ve Zanaatkarlar San Sitesi No 7-8; a small road right after BRT on the highway Nicosia-Ercan, there you turn left and follow the road.


We went to the opening at the Acapulco Hotel on July 04 which was held in memory of Tangül Çağıner, the wife of Ünal Çağıner, who died very suddenly in August 2016; the family was present at the opening and family members were delivering warm speeches and reciting poems; it is said that Tangül loved flowers and so the work by the two artists was thought appropriate for the anniversary of her death.

Asef Ibrahimi was born in 1975 in Iran, where he studied Fine Arts and Interior Design at a university. He is an award winning accomplished artist, who has entered over ten competitions and received many awards in Iran. He exhibited his works in many solo and group exhibitions, including one solo exhibition in Nicosia Cyprus in March 2010. He works in acrylic and oil and his style is versatile: abstract, impressionist and classical.

Somaye Safavi was born in Iran in 1985, she studied photography at a university. She has been working as a visual artist for the last 15 years. She is an award winning artist, showing at many solo and group exhibitions. Somaye’s works are in oil and acrylic executed in an impressionist style.


Fire of Spring is a well chosen title for the paintings of these two artists; it seems that they worked together, with their easels next to each other, in the same villages, in the wide fields of Cypriot spring, catching the overwhelming floods of colours. The use of tools, brush and knife, is very good. In a video we could see how one of the two artists worked on a large size painting from the beginning to the end, very interesting.


Scenes painted in our mountain villages with their very distinct particularities, all very realistic, memories; walks in the mountains on the side wild flowers. Then others, huge sized canvasses concentrating on garden beauties, bougainvilleas hanging over garden walls. An explosion of colours.


Those who have missed the exhibition in Girne may see it in Nicosia as mentioned above.

Contact: Art Gallery Cyprus.com Tel. No. 0090 (392) 225 8195; e-mail: info@artgallerycyprus.com

The artists
The artists

Burcu Müniroglu at the piano
Burcu Müniroglu at the piano

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