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400 c - One summer evening in Cyprus - Response III


Following my article “One summer evening in Cyprus” I received yet another poem to praise the summer evening from the book ‘From Blue Horizons to Dale and Fell’ by Edward Thwaites which in 1971was sent by the son to the Thwaites who now live here in North Cyprus but are not related to him.  The Thwaites Clan were once invading Vikings from Scandinavia but are still mainly resident in Cumbria England. Thank you, Sylvie and Alan for sharing the poem with us.


A Summer Evening by Edward Thwaites


The setting sun’s last golden beams

Colour the Western sky;

Peaceful the scene on every hand

As the Summer night draws nigh.

The rooks, with slow beating wings,

Making discordant calls,

Seek their home in the tall trees

As evening shadow falls.


Twittering swallows come to rest

Beneath the cottage eaves;

The tiny warblers hide away

Amongst the grass and leaves.

A thrush still sings his trilling song

High on a woodland tree;

Loath to end at closing day

His joyous melody.


Droning of the bees has ceased;

The flower petals close;

Butterflies fold their painted wings

And quietly repose.

One by one from a myriad stars

Twinkling lights appear.

Evening has ended, all is still;

The hours of night are here.


1971, no further details known


Published in Cyprus Observer Sep 8

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