Heidi Trautmann

57 - YOGA at THE HOUSE & GARDEN with Aysen


By Heidi Trautmann


One day Aysen called me and said: “Come and join us!”

Aysen is a trained yoga teacher and has much experience. She has her studio in Nicosia and already gives lessons three times a week. “I was asked by many to offer a course in Kyrenia as well and so I will set up a new group for a morning course once a week at the ‘House and Garden’ premises which has a beautiful atmosphere and is right in the centre of town.”


However, Aysen first wants to see who would follow her call and she would like to make a sort of introductory talk with interested parties. That would enable her to build up a programme together with future yoga students.


What is YOGA?

The word yoga means "union" in Sanskrit the language of ancient India where yoga originated. Yoga is the union between the mind, body and spirit. It is creating balance in the body through developing both strength and flexibility. This is done through the performance of poses or postures, each of which has specific physical benefits. Yoga is a science that has been practiced for thousands of years. It is consists of Ancient Theories, observations and principles about the mind and body connection which is now being proven by modern medicine. Yoga really does help in improving your health for stretching, can tone your muscles and exercise your spine and your entire skeletal system.
The next question that arises is:
Is yoga for me?

Definitely, yes! Yoga is for anyone who is willing to learn its ways and ideas. It does not actually require any special equipment or clothing. What it requires is your will to have a healthier, stress-free self.
Yoga encourages you to reflect on yourself and to find your inner peace. It exercises not just your body but your mind as well.
 Yogis view that the mind and the body are one, and that if it is given the right yoga kit and tools and taken to the right environment, it can find harmony and heal itself. Yoga therefore is considered therapeutic. It helps you become more aware of your body's posture, alignment and patterns of movement. It makes the body more flexible and helps you relax even in the midst of a stress stricken environment. This is one of the foremost reasons why people want to start Practicing Yoga to feel fitter, be more energetic, be happier and peaceful... Namaste...


For how long have you been practising YOGA, I asked.

“I have been practising and teaching Yoga for almost 5 years now.”


What is your basic profession? How have you acquired your knowledge in Yoga? How often do you practise yourself to maintain your energy and to improve it?


“I am a representative of Cryo –Save umbilical cord blood banking  in North Cyprus. I started yoga on my doctor’s advice when I had a severe muscle problem deep in my back five years ago. He said I should  practise yoga definitly everyday for life time so I started going to yoga classes. Later I decided to further my knowledge both spiritually and philosophically as well as phyisically and went to Mysore, India in June 2012 for two months and got my internationally recognized certificate. I do my personal practice everyday for at least one hour and once a week I join a class of a very advanced yoga teacher who has been practising yoga for ten years and who lives in South Nicosia. Also almost every month I attend 2-3 days yoga workshops both in South Cyprus and Istanbul.”


Aysen’s  explanations are very interesting and they touch a sort of soft point in my head. I would definetely need exercises for body and mind myself.


Are also children doing Yoga? Should Yoga be taught to children in schools? A sort of obligatory relaxing time to improve concentration?

“ Definitly yes. Yoga should be obligatory for children in order to improve their physical endurance, improve their concentration through meditating while doing asanas-(postures) under the guidance of a competent teacher.”


Is there a remarkable improvement in yoga students after a while? How does it show?

“ Yoga helps students to enhance their concentration, increase their flexibility and balance, improve general well being, boosting their confidence and relax their minds.”


Do our readers see in front of their eyes the image of a fountain of youth like I do?


Then please call Aysen Demirag on mobile 0533-8643004 for more information.


Once a week 90 TL/per month
Twice a week 150 TL/per month
Three times a week 180 TL/per month




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