Heidi Trautmann

224 - World Women’s Day – Photographic Exhibition to honour Women

By Heidi Trautmann


For 100 years we women celebrate this day to make the public aware of women’s achievements but also of discriminations which we still have all around the globe. We hear of them every day in the news and on internet; petitions reach us to sign against violence and rape.

Active and creative people get inspired by the movement and contribute with their works and thoughts to reach one day the distant goal of fairness, of recognition and cooperation.

The North Cypriot Middle East Technical University invited five women art photographers for the celebration of the Women’s Day – Aslihan Taylan, Ayse Gökyigit, Gülnur Tokay, Özgül Ezgin and Nurperi Özgener – to exhibit their ideas, their findings by means of photography. The theme was well covered showing portraits of most successful women in North Cyprus, then the work as such, the art work done by a woman photographer, others by female photographers travelling and discovering women on their way through various countries resulting in a range from encountering  strong women to women sitting or rather living on and by the laws of the street. Here no violence suggested, rather the object of interest, like one loves to discover the beauty in decay.


The art works are showcased in the Foyer of the University Congress Centre, a most beautiful wide hall in marble, perfect for such occasions. It will be open to the public until April 1.




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