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12 - Preview Theatre Lambousa

TheatreLambousa press release covering not only the comedies but giving a preview on the future programme.

I am looking forward to see them in a new genre.


Press release


Thursday will be the opening night of TheatreLambousa’s latest offering. The two one-act comedy plays will be performed on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Barons’ Theatre, Chateau Lambousa, Lapta.

Hurrah for Mrs Hickson written by Roy Plumley of Desert Island discs fame, ridicules Radio Serials. The Mrs Hickson Story is regarded by the cast and their millions of listeners as a national institution. When a cast member goes sick and is replaced by someone who hasn’t heard of Mrs Hickson mayhem ensues. The show stars Cora Corner (played by Val Wilce) who plays the leading role of Mrs Hickson, along with ‘old favourites’ and new members of TheatreLambousa. 

Last Respects is a black comedy by Colin Calvert. The late Mr Henry Throgmorton, Oxford graduate, ex-guards, County councillor, Mayor elect,  financial director of Technopod Corp., (suppliers of frozen peas to HM The Queen ,……. as well as supermarkets) has decreed that a wake should be held in his honour at the funeral parlour. The guests, previously unknown to each other, are his wife and two mistresses.

Brian Thomas BEM is making his first theatre appearance in the TRNC as the main character, the deadpan undertaker Mr Reginald Deadlock. The British Cemetery Commission has kindly agreed to lend TheatreLambousa a coffin for this production.

Thursday and Saturday will be non-smoking evenings. On the Friday, smoking will be allowed, but not in the auditorium nor during the performance. The show starts promptly at 8.00 with doors opening at 7.00pm.

Theatre goers will be welcomed with a glass of wine and a savoury, which is included in the 20tl cost.

There are just a few reservations available which can be made at the Saturday Market at the Chateau Lambousa Hotel, Lapta or by contacting Grahame Ash on 0533 843 3554.

(Strobe lighting will be used in the first comedy play).

Going on sale for the first time at the TheatreLmbousa productions, will be tickets for the next ChorusLambousa production, Rhythm of Life. Set in a night club it includes many favourite show songs including Cabaret, Sweet Charity, Chicago, Cats, Carousel, Mamma Mia and some additions from Queen.



Re the photo:

From left to right on photo numbers ending 12/13/14

Chrys Ismail, Anita Woods, Karen Aldred, Val Wilce (as Mrs Hickson) and Adele Thomas with scripts in hand for the next edition of the radio serial.


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