Heidi Trautmann

89 - GOLD TIME CRACK – Art Studio Nilgün Güney

 I thought, when I came early to the opening of Nilgün’s and her students’ exhibition I would be able to move around freely and take pictures. But Nilgün’s studio café Cadi Kazani was absolutely crowded and people blocked half the street in front of the entrance on trying to get in. I wished they would be as numerous when I will have my exhibition. Well done. I met a lot of new faces. Some of the students greeted us right at the entrance and Nilgün with her red hair was right in the centre of things.

The ‘fresh’ artists are Aydan Lisaniler, Bahar Ünler, Deger Özkaramanli, Gamze Genc, Gül Özlek, Gülden Pinar, Mehtap Önem, Pervin Öznergiz, Pembe Soganci and Vicdan Isiman.


I could sense the philosophy of Nilgün’s teaching, “get free, close your eyes and let your fantasy take things over” using all kinds of techniques. And Nilgün has got a rich fantasy not only in painting but also in writing. She is a master in symbolism. With her as a teacher her students will get far.


The exhibition is still open until October 28, daily from 15:00 to 22:00, except Monday!



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