Heidi Trautmann

654 - 8th Sand Sculpture Festival and Competition at EMU Beach Club

By Heidi Trautmann


Those were the days when we children got our bucket and shovel to build our first castle on the beach, what fun it was and how we got absorbed; nothing mattered but sand, water and sun…..this is what I wrote two years ago when I visited the beach club and saw the young students of the architecture and fine arts departments take the same tools and enjoy themselves for a whole day to form sculptures from the finest sand imaginable. Unfortunately this year I was not on the island for the occasion but I got the pictures from one of the organisers at the art departments of the Eastern Mediterranean University.

This year the event took place on June 01. The event, I was told, is open to everybody to visit and students from all TRNC universities can participate in the yearly competition. The students started working at 8 am until late in the afternoon. The beach is very lovely and the weather was excellent. A nice attraction for visitors also.


The organisers explained that the EMU Sand Sculpture Festival and Competition aims to contribute to the cultural and artistic development of the students by using any natural material they find on the beach and being absolutely free in choosing theme and form and approach.

It is also to create an occasion to get to know each other and to work together. If you are interested to learn more please visit http://sandsculpture.emu.edu.tr/ or email sandsculpture@emu.edu.tr or call  630 11 39.

There is always a new sand sculpture competition next year.


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