Heidi Trautmann

54 - Carmina Burana in North Cyprus

O Fortuna velut Luna statu variabilis, semper crescis aut decrescis; vita detestabilis nunc obdurat et tunc curat ludo mentis aciem, egestatem, potestatem dissolvit ut glaciem. Sors immanis et inanis, rota tu volubilis, status malus, vana salus semper  dissolubilis, obumbrata et velata michi quoque niteris; nunc per ludum dorsum nudum fero tui sceleris. Sors salutis et vertutis michi nunc contraria est affectus et defectus semper in angaria. Hac in hora sine mora corde pulsum tangite; quod per sortem sternit fortem, mecum omnes plangite!


Carl Orff set the verses of Carmina Burana to music in 1937, verses of a collection kept in the Monastery of Benediktbeuren, written in the 13th century by migrating students, verses written in latin or in old German. The collection is now kept in Munich.


Nürnberg’s Lehrergesangsverein (Nuremberg Teachers Choir) is a choir with a long tradition; only in 2002 the members celebrated the choir’s 125th birthday. Today with its 140 regular members it is one of the big choirs in Germany and has regular performances in the Meistersingerhalle and abroad.


Turgay Hilmi, as I read :‘Bavarian Honorary Culture Attaché to North Cyprus’, closely cooperating with the choir since many years, has brought together the Nürnberg Lehrergesangverein, the Aegean Philharminic Orchestra, the Nürnberg Percussion Band and the North Cypriot Children Arts Choir to perform Carmina Burana in the Amphitheatre of Girne.  The event will be conducted by Bernd Dietrich.


This very important event will be held thanks to the contributions of the Turkish Ambassador Sakir Fakili, and under the auspices our first lady Oya Talat and guests from Germany Mrs Marga Beckstein, politician and her husband Günther Beckstein, former Prime Minister of Bavaria.


The two performances on September 2 and 3 at the amphitheatre will be held for the benefit of the Cyprus Turkish Orthopaedic Disabled Association and Special Education Foundation.


Tickets will – so far - be available at Deniz Plaza, Iktisat Bank, Cyprus Art (?) and at the Mehmet ReisRehabilitation Centre.



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