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April 27-28 - GOETHE-ZENTRUM NICOSIA - Lectures by Prof. F. Lubich, Old Dominion Unversity Norfolk


German Cultural Centre





Lectures by Professor Frederick Lubich,

Professor for German, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, USA

President of the Society for Contemporary American Literature in German


27 April 2009, 20.30 hrs, Goethe-Zentrum Nicosia

Modern Terrorism vs. Medieval Tolerance: From the Tumbling Towers of

Manhattan to the Moorish Magnificence of the Alhambra


Professor Lubich will explain the psychological, ideological and religious conditions leading to terrorism and fascism in our times. In contrast, he will depict a possible  model of co-existence for postmodern Europe, referring to medieval Andalusia where Moors, Jews and Christians lived in cultural symbiosis.



28. April 2009, 20.30 hrs, Goethe-Zentrum Nicosia

Germans and Jews after the Holocaust


Entrance free

(Lectures are held in English)

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