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by Heidi Trautmann


Music is the oldest form of communication within tribal communities, proof are flutes made of bone found in prehistoric times. In ancient scripts mention is made of music instruments in India and China being the first high cultures of our world. Flutes to call to dances but also to call sheep and goats; all sorts of stringed instruments were built, the instrument of the bards, travelling the countries;  drums to excite the spirits of tribal men before they went to war, drums to transport news and alarm; music was composed to calm down spirits to peaceful gatherings, but also to accompany armies on their way to death. Music has travelled around the world - and still does - and brought new tunes to other peoples. When we travelled around the Mediterranean in our sailing boat I found the same tunes in the folk music of all its countries. Music as carrier of tradition and identity.


With this basic thought in mind, a new music association has been established in North Cyprus, and one of the musicians, Hasan Danish, also active as fine painter, had informed me about the first successful concert they have given in Nicosia. Please read what he has to say about the ‘Nicosia Music Association’


Nicosia Music Association has been founded by a group of lovers of Turkish Classical Music, who came together to carry on and spread the spirit of Turkish Classical Music in Cyprus, to promote composers who are producing work in this field by performing their work, and most importantly, to uplift the morale of the Cypriot Turkish community by sharing and enjoying the spirit with them.

Initiative to establish the association started in September and official registration was completed on 18 November. The 15-member group, composed of doctors, teachers, public servants and retirees, soon grew in number and staged its first performance with a 16-person choir, 8 instruments, and a conductor on the evening of December 6th at the Nicosia Atatürk Cultural Center. Organized for the memory of the late stage actor Yücel Köseoğlu, the first performance received high praises from the public who overcrowded the concert hall.

The head of our association is Mr. Hasan Akar who is a professional journalist himself. He plays the clarinet. Our conductor is Aydın Hikmet, a friend of mine since 1953. He is a graduate from The English School, Nicosia, lived in Turkey for many years and played the Oud together with famous musicians. He also educates the choir.


After this successful concert, the association started preparing for a new concert with twice as many members.

In addition to those listed above, the missions of the association are:

- To spread the love of Turkish Classical Music in particular, and of Turkish Folk Music, Classical Music from Western Europe, Turkish Pop Music, and Cypriot Turkish Folk Music to the widest possible audience; and to train those wanting to work in these fields with theory courses on musical note, method, solfege, etc.

- To support the formation of children’s and youth choirs and orchestras in order to transfer Turkish music to the new generations.

- To participate in domestic and international radio and TV programs, to organize balls and concerts, and to collaborate with others who engage in similar organizations.

- To organize composition, lyric, and voice contests, and to participate in such artistic activities.

- To publish magazines and books which cover the activities of the association on Turkish music, and to support album production initiatives.


The members of the association meet at the Occupational High School during nights once or twice a week for rehearsals. Their next concert is planned to be in early April and have started rehearsals right after their first concert.

Should you want any more information, please contact Mr Hasan Danish under : 0392 227 2817, 0392 227 2817 and 0533 834 46 45.


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