Heidi Trautmann

KUSKOR 2014 Annual General Meeting

By Heidi Trautmann


We all know Gavin Croucher, Robin Snape and Olkan Ergüler, to mention just a few of the active committee members, for their relentless dedication and tireless efforts around nature and all that flies in the sky and moves on earth. We all know about Kuşkor, the North Cyprus non-governmental society for the protection of birds and nature, established in 1989, for organising environmental education campaigns, bird watching tours, producing the beautiful calendars.

They have held their annual general meeting chaired by Martin Marancos, chairman for 14 years, a dedicated man, whose priority has always been nature conservation and the animals living in it that can no longer protect themselves without the help of dedicated humans.

He gave us a brief overview on the activities in 2013 the main effort of which was directed at clarifying the hunting laws in both parts of the island. In cooperation with the nature association in the South,  guards were set up in the main areas of hunting to find out men setting up traps and going after protected species. It is also in the interest of the hunting associations to find out the culprits.

For the election of a new chairman 22 members were listed and it was to Ms Damla Beton that the majority of votes went. The new committee members are: Olkan Ergüler, Robin Snape, Birtan Gökeri, Asuman Korukoğlu, Ersan Korudağ, Bariş Saydam and Hüseyin Yorgancı; the remaining four members Martin Marancos, Irene Raab Marancos, Monika Boyer and Wayne Fuller are taking over other committee duties.

If you want to become a member contact Kaleidoskop Turizm Office, Mrs Monika Boyer at any weekday from 09.00 to 17.00 hrs, until further notice. The office on the 2nd floor of the Vakıflar Çarşı building near the Colony Hotel. The yearly fee is TL 25.00.  

There are many activities a new member can take over or he/she may participate in the nature activities that are announced regularly in the internet and by email. Remember, an intact nature and environment is an absolute prerequisite for our own healthy life and, not to forget,  for the tourism industry, the only industry we have on the island.

Read more in www.kuskor.org

Martin Marancos
Martin Marancos

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