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April 14 - Film première at Sidestreets MURID

Sidestreets is pleased to present the North Cyprus premiere of the film MURİD on 14th April 20. The film will be screened at at 7:30 pm at Sidestreets, 22 Mahkemeler Önü, Lefkoşa, and the screening will be followed by a cocktail where the audience will have a chance to meet with Yeliz Shukri (Director/co-script writer), Simon Bahceli (Assistant Director/co-script writer) and Simon Hustings (Cinematographer and Editor).

About the ...film:
As a teenager, Chris abruptly abandons his dream of becoming a fighter pilot for the US Marines to join a colourful yet reclusive Sufi sect led by the mysterious Sheikh Nazim. He then harbours a new dream of becoming an Islamic scholar. But the Sheikh has other, perhaps grander, plans for him. A decade and half later Chris, now known as Alauddin, lives in Germany, happily married to Fatima, the wife the Sheikh advised him to marry when he was 17, and working as a cook in the Sheikh’s restaurant. But despite his apparently problem-free lifestyle, Alauddin (or Chris) has begun to question whether the destiny alluded to by the Sheikh will ever materialise. He travels to Cyprus, the Sheikh’s home and spiritual headquarters, to find out.

Yeliz Shukri- Director (co-script writer)
Simon Bahceli Assistant Director (co-script writer)
Stavros Papageorghiou- Producer (Tetraktys Films)
Simon Hustings - Cinematographer and Editor

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