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Altınkaya Holiday Resort

Bellapais Road, Girne




Best seats + dinner + Altınkaya – Bellapais - Altınkaya transfers


No Parking Problems, No Rush... Just Enjoy...


"The Organisers of the two springtime Music Festivals and the Altinkaya Holiday Resort have joined together with the British Residents' Society to offer members a series of special nights for music lovers.


The Bellapais Music Festival and the Bellapais International Spring Music Festival offer a series of concerts starting in April and running into June.  The BRS has chosen highlights from each Festival and offers very attractive packages for music goers.


On the chosen evenings, members and their guests will gather at the Altinkaya Holiday Resort for dinner (details below), after which the Resort will provide transport to Bellapais Abbey for the concert, so that members can avoid traffic and parking problems. 


Prime seats will be reserved for the BRS each evening with the best view of the performers. After the show, guests will be driven back to the Altinkaya.


The organisers have agreed to make a donation to a charity of the BRS' choice for every ten tickets sold on each evening. Programmes may also be seen at the BRS office at the Altinkaya. Further information will be posted on the Festival websites. brssocialclub@gmail.com


Bookings may be made at the BRS Social Club Office at the Altinkaya Holiday Resort on the Bellapais Road, East of Girne between 1000 and 1600hrs, Monday to Friday.


The cost per person is TL 50 for BRS members, TL 55 for non members, to include dinner of hot mezze, soup, salad, fruit and dessert open buffet and main course choice, drinks served with usual special BRS prices, transport to and from the concert and reserved seats at the concert.


For more information please call:  0542 874 0040 (Mon-Fri 10:00-16:00)


Altınkaya Holiday Resort

Bellapais Road, Girne







7th Spring Music Festival at Bellapais

11 April - 13 May 2011

“BRS Social Club Choices of Concert Packages”





11 April, Monday, Johann Strauss Ensemble Wien Concert. 

Festival Gala Concert – A Vienna Gala


15 April, Friday, Polish Pianist Alicja Fiderkiewicz Recital


06 May, Friday, Expromte Trio (Piano Trio) Concert


13 May, Friday, Lale Musayeva (Piano)

Franz Liszt’s 200. Birth Year Special Concert closing the Festival.



Venue: Bellapais Abbey- Girne

Starting Time: 20.30


Altinkaya Poolside Restaurant
Altinkaya Poolside Restaurant

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