Heidi Trautmann

290 - Thursday Artists visit Baki and Sezin Bogac in their Studios

By Heidi Trautmann


Baki Bogac is sincerely interested in the art work others do and so you will meet him and his wife at most of the exhibitions in North Cyprus. He has respect for art and the fellow artists. He also came to our – The Thursday Artists’ - modest exhibition in Kyrenia and so we decided in November to visit their studios in Famagusta. We were 17 and hired a bus which made travelling so easy.

Baki was already waiting for us and for the next two hours he explained to us the philosophy behind his sculptures, the ideas which lead him to realize series of sculptures, but please visit his website:




In his beautiful studio which he had renovated himself from old photos, he has included his wife Sezin’s works too, Sezin who has developed her own approach to sculpture, and paintings by Semen Eminoglulari another student of his for at least 10 years. She had one solo exhibition last year which had impressed me very much. Please read my review on her work.



We later went by bus to visit Sezin’s newly established gallery and studio in the old pharmacy she has had for many years in a part of Famagusta most of our group have not seen before, and where she has her work displayed and where her own studio is. We were her first guests. She explained to our group what material she uses and her own philosophy which you will find explained in my review of her first solo exhibition.  http://www.heiditrautmann.com/category.aspx?CID=1218846468


Baki took us then via the old and still fenced-in district of Maraş to a very nice restaurant which serves local village dishes, a pleasant place and we all enjoyed our meals. The place is behind the open market, the name is MINDER in the Bayraktar Street.


He has then returned to his studio to work on his new project which has to do with atomic energy; he had shown and explained one work to us which is not finished yet; a weapon everybody can produce and point at any moment at anybody; he is right, if we don’t take care we will kill ourselves one day.


It was a very nice experience before we go on again with our regular work FROM LIFE.

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