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100 - The Armed Man - Epilogue


For many in North Cyprus the choral event The Armed Man or: Better is Peace than always War was the music event of the year. It was an enormous effort by the Kyrenia Chamber Choir, by George Ward, the leader and its members to organize it. It is all their work. Everybody was involved in the organization and finally in the success of it. Not only the choir members have my respect, all our respect but also the “Friends of the Kyrenia Chamber Choir” who during the two performances did all sorts of jobs, selling tickets, programmes, leading guests to their seats and lending a helping hand whenever needed. Alone Liz Moses, my contact woman, did all the press texts and contacts.

But, I have to say this, their strict order not to take any photos during the performances led to the unfortunate situation, that nobody in the end had good shots. What a pity!! If this is done – and I can understand it from the musicians’s point of view – pictures for the press should be made available or a photographer employed who does photos without disturbing the performance. That is possible! I have already written a review on the first performance but what I have to say today is …the Epilogue. The epilogue is the execution of the charity thought going along with it.

Liz Moses has informed me that “ the amount raised for our chosen charities was 14,000 Turkish Lira. 7000 TL will be sent to Gloucester Choral Society for them to present to the International Red Cross. The other 7000TL will be presented on Friday 13th November at 14.30 to Işılay Arkan, President of the North Cyprus Turkish Red Crescent Society. The presentation will take place at the headquarters of the society which is situated very close to the Ledra Palace crossing in Lefkoşa.”


I could not be present at the occasion but Liz has sent me photos to document the event. But I heard that the ceremony was very pleasant and the organization very pleased and touched by the contribution to solve the problems of the world.


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