Heidi Trautmann

379 - Save our Theatre in Nicosia

By Heidi Trautmann


Things for our Nicosia Municipality Theatre are going worse as I heard; although they have reinstated the seven actors, they have now decided not to support the theatre with the necessary funds to keep it operational.

What does it mean? The theatre will have to close down, a theatre company with the highest reputation  will break up and as these theatre people have also quite conservative needs such as food and cloth,  they will have to leave the country to look for a theatre that respects their work and input in culture.

Even in the worst of times, theatre was the last to go and in times of need, of war, theatre was the place people still went to in order to obtain reassurance and to forget for a while the nasty side of life. If we let this happen then we will lose part of our culture.

What can we do? It does not make any sense to give financial support, we need to support their right of existence by approaching the government and/or write to your newspaper  to express our sincere wish to keep the theatre active and alive as it always was.

It is for us to show now that we appreciate their work, just imagine it would happen in your own home town, how much you would appreciate any support from outside.  It is an attack against the theatre in general and we must not accept this.

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