Heidi Trautmann

55 - New law against stray dogs and cats! Beware!

Dear friends, I have been informed about this new law. We must find out what it means in all details. As far as I know it was first launched in Turkey and now here; how far are actions of putting away with animals being legalized? Poisoning in the streets?

Dear Friends,

I am writing to you on behalf of our animal friends. The government is
getting ready to pass a law regarding the homeless animals next Monday
( 15th of October) . According to this law the homeless animals will
be collected from the streets and then put to sleep.

In order to protest and stop this law passing from the parliament
please join us at the protest meeting on Friday 12th which will take
place in front of the parliament building Nicosia at 16:00 pm. Also
please spread the news to your network so that we can form a bigger
pressure on the government.

with kind regards,

PS : This protest is organized by "Sevimli Dostlar Derneği/Cute
Friends Society " in Nicosia and you can get further information from
Oya Demirsöz President of the association. (Tel : 0533 868 97 67

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