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AHDR Newsletter Feb 2016

AHDR Newsletter - February 2016
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February is here and new plans are already underway at the AHDR! One new project is about to start, ideas are gradually taking the shape of project proposals and a number of upcoming events are pinned on the calendar for Spring! All this, while our existing project teams are polishing up for the new year! 
Launch of interactive website presenting the findings of the project
“Nicosia: The story of a shared and contested city”
On 15 January AHDR presented to the public a new interactive website containing the findings of a three-year-long research project, undertaken by the AHDR with funding from Norway Grants 2009-2014, in partnership with the Council of Europe, in the context of the project “Home for Cooperation”. This unique and innovative website aims at gathering together  information on the most significant landmarks of Nicosia, as well as a collection of short personal stories and public scandals that took place in Cyprus’s capital during the period 1878-1974.
The launch of the website took place at a public event at the Home for Cooperation (H4C) in Nicosia where representatives of the main communities of Cyprus were invited to share thoughts and hopes on how this project could contribute to acknowledging and preserving the common heritage of the island.
The research team of the ‘Nicosia: The story of a shared and contested city’ project are currently looking into ways to expand the research, including also aspects on the less known social and cultural communities of Nicosia. Also, they invite the public to contribute to the project, by sharing ideas, stories, information and audio-visual material about the history of the capital, in order to help the project evolve. 
The website is currently available on www.nicosiaproject.eu
"Gender as a Missing Lens 
How to Introduc
e Gender in
History Teaching" 
This will be a 6 month project initiated in Cyprus and implemented by the AHDR, in partnership with the Mediterranean Institute of Gender (MIGS), the NGO Support Centre and Cyprus Centre for European and International Affairs (CCEIA). It aims to integrate a gender perspective in history teaching and learning in Cyprus, thus transforming the current status quo through a bottom-up approach, by engaging educators in an educative and transformational process, by engaging around 100 teachers through a series of workshops.  The training will be based on the AHDR’s supplementary educational material “How to Introduce Gender in History Teaching”, which will be piloted in schools as result of the training so as to ensure that students are also beneficiaries of the action. Due to the innovative nature of the project, it is hoped that the action will leverage Cyprus as an example for future initiatives, in relation to developing supplementary teaching materials and teacher trainings, as a means of facilitating the use of a gender equality perspective in teaching and learning. 
New season at the Home for Cooperation
The Home for Cooperation (H4C) has announced its new workshop schedule for Winter-Spring 2016! All the information you may need is availablehere.
EDIC Plans for 2016
Europe Direct Nicosia was very busy in 2015 with a very wide range of activities. The trend is set to continue throughout 2016, during which the Centre will utilize its location in the Buffer Zone and focus on promoting the EU’s efforts to support the political, social and economic reunification of Cyprus. As such, we will be organizing a series of information sessions and debates about the Peace Process, aiming to foster dialogue between citizens across the divide on a local level and individuals involved in the decision-making process. We will also continue to reach out the public at broader events such as Europe Day, Mobility Week celebrations and other civil society festivals. Europe Direct Nicosia will continue to be open 20 hours a week, providing free, user-friendly information on the EU’s programmes and priorities. 
Photography Competition "Street Food: Depicting the Cypriot Food Culture"
The Cyprus Food Virtual Museum in collaboration with the Photography and Cinematography Club of Engomi, announce a photography competition, for pictures depicting street food in Cyprus! Deadline for submissions is 29/2/2016! More information is available on theAHDR website and here
The most successful pictures will be exhibited in an event in late March, but more on this we will tell you in our March newsletter, so stay tuned! 
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