Heidi Trautmann

868: Coming across the sculptures by Panikos Tembriotis - exhibition at the Municipal Market Old Nic

An exhibition at the Municipal Market Old Nicosia in May 2016

By Heidi Trautmann

On my way to the Power House on May 28 I passed through the Municipal Market just because I love the atmosphere of fruit and vegetables....and I ran right into a collection of sculptures by the sculptor Panikos Tembriotis I have not known about. It proves again that you must keep moving otherwise you don’t discover things of this world. It was the last day of the exhibition.

I found later a description of his work, he is also on face book. So here is what it says about him:

Panikos Tembriotis graduated from the School of Fine Art in Italy. He is a sculptor and a set designer.

In this exhibition Tembriotis is using fiber glass, finished objects, wood and paint to create naked anthropomorphic and zoomorphic creatures which could be seen as reflections of the soul of the modern man who is ignoring spirituality, exhausted by a variety of activities trying to find the meaning of life and as a result missing the substance.


I took some pictures for my readers to see. I liked the displayed objects, they are telling a story.

It is a fantastic idea to combine market space and art space, it is so basic, it smells of life, the butchers with their spooted aprons come out and discussed things loudly.

In Nicosia North they had started to do some artistic activities at the new Bandabulya but the halls have gone back to slumber again, who will wake them up, the sleeping citizens?


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