Heidi Trautmann

426 - Sidestreets celebrates its 5th birthday

By Heidi Trautmann


Sidestreets is Anber Onar and Dr. Johann Pillai and a board of advisors, among them the artist Emin Cizenel.


Sidestreets stands for progress, for modern ways of teaching languages, for progressive education of children, introducing them early to global and critical thinking, to esthetical art forms.


Sidestreets stands for contemporary and conceptual art and is always looking out for intellectually challenging projects. The range of interest covers all fields of artistic creativity, from art and documentary films, finds of exquisite quality, literature and poetry, history and art history and art exhibitions of fine quality.


Sidestreets has succeeded in approaching and including foreign residents in their field of activities on Cyprus’ history, art history in general with interesting lectures either by invited guest speakers or by Dr. Johann Pillai in their Kyrenia branch.


For all Sidestreets activities Johann Pillai has created beautiful posters which would be worth an exhibition.


For the occasion Sidestreets has set up a row of events which you can find on my website www.heiditrautmann.com under cultural events or on Sidestreets own website. They are located in Nicosia opposite the Court.


Our best wishes go with Sidestreets and its crew.


Venue for many precious events
Venue for many precious events

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