Heidi Trautmann

292 - "Watling Street - The Roman's Major Highway in Britannia" - An illustrated talk


By Heidi Trautmann


Often it so happens that you come across an experience which you had not initiated or planned to do; this was the historic lecture on Watling Street by Keith Lloyd, a lecture which was to substitute another talk on the biography of Rauf Denktaş, a lecture organized by the Anglo Turkish Association. I am glad I went.


I have met Keith Lloyd a couple of times, in first place in the form of our articles on the pages of local newspapers, but I learnt only now that he was doing these historic talks. The subject was well researched and well presented with hundreds of illustrations, with a sounding voice and charming humour.


There were about 50 people assembled at the Mountain View Hotel in Karaoğlanoğlu, mostly British who seemed genuinely interested in the subject. There is always something new to learn even on your own country.

Keith took us along this ancient track from Dover to Caernarvon via London, St Albans and Chester and I learnt that the Romans paved an already existing track used by the Britons. The name Watling Street derives from the Old English Wæcelinga Stræt. Originally the word "street" simply meant a paved road (Latin: "via strata"), and did not have the modern association with populated areas. You can now continue to deepen your gained knowledge in the internet which I did. Most interesting and it makes one dream to go there one day yourself.

Thank you,  Keith, and thank you, ATA, for organising it!


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