Heidi Trautmann

TULIPS News Letter February 2014 - Smart with smarties

School children get involved in the ‘Help those with cancer’ activities


By Heidi Trautmann


It is frightening to hear how the number of cancer cases is increasing in North Cyprus; I just spoke to a friend who is fighting his cancer now for three years, before that his wife has gone through the same nightmare. He said: “When my wife started with cancer treatment 8 years ago, there were perhaps five patients per day in the oncology department getting their chemo, when I started, there were already 20 patients per day and today, when I go and get my treatment at the hospital, there are about 60 patients per day.”  This is a reason to do all we can to help and the idea to involve children to learn what charity is and who is concerned, is a very important undertaking.

Here is the new activity by our TULIPS Angels Sue and Carole and I let them speak for their activity themselves:

“We take Full Smartie tubes into the schools listed below and they are distributed to the children, who then take them away and "empty" them (yum, yum.....), that is the easy part.....  The children then are being asked to see their friends and family and fill the Smarties tube back up with 50 kurus coins.  The tube will take 54 50 kurus coins, equating to 27 TL!  The children then bring the tubes back into the schools and Sue and I collect them.

Every child that brings back a full Smarties tube goes into a Prize Draw and has the chance to win a very nice prize.  However, every 50 kurus that we collect will be so very, very much appreciated.

We have an anonymous sponsor who has given us 5,000 TL towards the cost of the 5,004 Smarties tubes that have been purchased.
The Schools that are participating in this event are:

ESK secondary, Necat British College, GAU, NEU College, NEU Elementary, TED and Levent College.
The Smartie tubes are being delivered to the schools on the 27 February and will be collected back on the 13 March.”


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