Heidi Trautmann

203 - The Professional goes to Catalköy with Tiyatro SU


By Heidi Trautmann


The new art advisor of the Catalköy Municipality, Derman Atik,  has not wasted any time. In October he had already the “First Catalköy Days of Culture and Art” with an exhibition of arts and crafts, folk dance, drums rhythm show and on a second day a poetry reading with members of the Artists and Writers’ Union: Zeki Ali, Jenan Selçuk, Gürgenç Korkmazel, Tamer Öncül, Neriman Cahit,Mehmet Kansu, Neşe Yaşin and Mustafa Gökçeoğlu.

On the same evening at a later hour a rock concert with the SOS Rockband.


Now on November 26 at 20:00 Derman Atik invites theatre lovers to come to Dedeman Olive Tree Hotel to celebrate with him and his theatre group the birth of the new name Tiyatro SU after GIBETSU had lost their home for eleven years in Kyrenia. The show must go on!


I have visited Derman Atik in his new office in the neat Municipality Building of Catalköy with theatre awards and scene pictures hanging on the wall. He showed me the venues the Water Theatre / Tiyatro SU will be using. There is the Dedeman Olive Tent, a huge annex to the hotel, and he showed me the old cinema building which is going to be restored as their future theatre.

Good luck, Tiyatro SU, and “Break a leg!


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