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1 - GO Ganesha GO

Call to join a worldwide art movement “GO Ganesha GO” By Heidi Trautmann

One day a young woman packed her suitcase with a project in it, the project of a non-political art movement for everybody to take part in - and that worldwide - in order to uncover the wish for world peace everybody carries deep down in his heart, the wish to belong to the world without fear and mistrust. This young woman is Rose Marie Gnausch, a German artist who has studied fine arts in France and art history in the United States. After completing her studies she worked for three of America’s most important museums; the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the Guggenheim Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She has organized numerous exhibitions and was an active member of the 11th Documenta in Kassel. Rose Marie Gnausch decided to put aside all her activities to concentrate solely on the Go Ganesha Go project and she started traveling to bring the idea especially to countries with problems such as Cyprus or other humanitarian problems. She knows Cyprus from having lived here and worked at the EMU in Famagusta as head lecturer and thus she thought that the art movement would have - in Cyprus - a proper place to start from.

Ganesha descends from the Indian mythology; he, a human body with an elephant head, is the direct son of Shiva and Parvati and is known as remover of obstacles. Rose Marie thought why not make Ganesha remove the obstacles which are still so obviously present in Cyprus for a peaceful solution. So she chose Ganesha as a symbol of strength, peacefulness and greatness. She became a traveler in peace and brought the idea to people with the appeal to join the movement and create an elephant of ones own imagination. It may be of clay, of foam, of wood or iron, it may be a figure in a painting, or even people can dress as elephants, can compose music or create dance steps; make poems or a song. In some parts of the world people have already started working on the project. And one day in May 2009 all the elephants created by children, grandparents, employees, artists or whoever - perhaps politicians join in - will be called to come to a place of reunion for the “Elephant Festival”. Not only Cypriot elephants will walk for peace but also the works by the many others worldwide will be brought to the meeting point in Cyprus. It is not a contest and it is not to be judged by a jury, it is the taking part in this movement, which is the message: I am for Ganesha, I am for peace!

The project is supported by governmental and non-governmental offices, private institutions and individuals. The only thing you have to do is enter your name in the list of participants to say YES to the project and start working – and you must tell others about it, it is a peace movement which costs you nothing. Spread the word: Go Ganesha Go www.go-ganesha-go.com

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