Heidi Trautmann

898: Confrontation through Art – Children and Youth Activities Exhibition at Goethe Zentrum Nicosia

By Heidi Trautmann


One of my priority concerns as a journalist has always been education, especially education in the arts as it will develop the senses of observing and feeling, it will develop the willingness to work together, it will lower egoism, racism, anxieties and will at the same time improve self-awareness and confidence as we will only master what we understand. My basic life philosophy has always been ‘If you want to draw a chair you must become one’, you must not trust only in what others are telling you, you must experience it yourself. Learning by doing. Education in all arts pushes the limits of awareness farther and farther and makes constant development possible.


On this basis ‘Confrontation through Art’-  Contemporary Art as an Instrument for Reconciliation in Cyprus, a project running now for over two years, has opened at the same time a branch project to bring special art education to children on both sides of the divided island, for playfully working together, researching together the many ways and tools that the arts offer. It is a cooperation between EMAA European Mediterranean Art Association, the RoofTop Theatre and many other organisations, schools and teachers who gave their time and enthusiasm in making this project work and develop with great success.  The exhibition of the children’s works took place at the Goethe Zentrum in the buffer zone next to the Ledra Palace Hotel on 26 November 2016.  The organisers wrote a thankyou message :


It was great having you all at the opening of Children at ARTWork and Play exhibition on Saturday evening. Thank you all for all the support Description: https://www.facebook.com/images/emoji.php/v6/f96/1/16/1f49c.png💜Coordinator of the Technical Committees Mr. Andreas Pirishis, TC president of bi communal Technical Comity for Education Ms. Meltem Samani, representing EU Commission Ms. Michela Foresti, Presidents of EMAA and Rooftop Theatre Group Mr. Osman Keten, Ms. Ellada Evangelou, Mayor of Lefke Mr. Aziz Kaya, the President and members of the Community Council of Flasou Antonis Nicholaides and President of Linou community council Athina Georgiou, instructors Antignoni Sofocleous, Sinem Ertaner, Zehra Sonya, Polly Flourentzou, Marilena Kyriakou, Fatma Giritli, Oya Akin, Stefanos Karampampas and Naz Atun.. And of course our participating kids and guests ..

Another great day at Evrychou village where Lefke kids and their parents visited today. A lot of fun activities for the children and a great tour of the area by the Muhtars Ms. Athina Georyniou (Linou), Mr. Antonakis Nikolaides (Flasou), Mr. Pambos Michael (Katidata) and the teacher Mr. Andreas.. Thank you very much for the great hospitality and looking forward to meeting in Lefke next week to finalise our activities..


The exhibition transported me back into my own childhood: discovering nature and its many forms; making pictures of your thoughts, experimenting in all directions. The teachers leading the projects took them to museums to learn about their ancestors, introduced them to sculpting with all kind of materials, made them understand how a film is made and how to use body language and mimicry. The work as a group was important, for example a village in clay, the figures for a puppet play…. many pieces make a whole.


The project with the children will continue for a while and I hope that it will stimulate  similar projects across the island.

You can learn more about Confrontation through Art and their projects under the following link:



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