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90 - TULIPS News for October - activities around the Breast Cancer Awareness Month:


The TULIPS Angels Sue and Carole report on activities around the Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

“We started our day at 9.30 a.m. outside the Belediye where we set up our stall.  We were all dressed in Pink with wigs and Hawaian skirts to match (including our own intrepid Male, Mike Bezzant - what a star!) and then set off down the town and around the harbour areas to collect money in our Pink Tins for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Our helpers on the day were Pam Kennedy, Jane Matter, Ann Reeves, Mike Bezzant, Linda Roy, Jennifer Stacy and Ann Cox and we would like to thank them all most sincerely for their hard work.  We were also supported by 2 students from the Near East University, Aquiline Mozhawidzo and Lucy Gwatidzo, who both entered into the spirit of the day and encouraged passers by to join in and support the event, thanks to them too. We raised a fantastic 2,580.38TL last Thursday.  Most of this was collected in the tins and the rest was raised on the stall.
We finally finished at about 3.30 and a very weary but elated bunch of pink volunteers made their way home.
A big thank you to the ‘Food Lodge’ who donated over 100 pink donuts for us to sell on the day on our stall and we appreciate their hard work in getting them all ready for an early start.  Their support is so much appreciated.
The 'Pink Friday Campaign' is progressing; all 12 branches of the ‘Near East Bank’ are going 'Pink' in support of our Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and will be collecting money from both the staff and customers.

Likewise ‘Mr Pound’ will be collecting for us (Girne, Lefkosa and Gonyeli branches) will also be supporting us and dressing in pink - that is if there is anything left in their stores as they have seen a run on 'Pink' purchases!


Donations on the occasion of a Wedding Anniversary

Jenny and Bill Brown celebrated their 40th (Ruby) wedding anniversary party on19th October at the Olive Bar in Alsancak. Approx 30 family and close friends attended and they had all been asked to donate to Tulips in lieu of presents. 

Jenny and Bill have lived in Alsancak for the past year having previously lived and worked in South Africa for 20 years and Abu Dhabi for 6 years.

Jenny herself is a cancer survivor and was told that her cancer was caused by playing golf in the sun for the past 30 years.  Jenny is happy for everyone to know that every weekend she would play golf and before doing so she would apply a sun block to her lips however as the day wore on the sun block would wear off and was never reapplied, 2 or 3 days later she would get what she thought was a cold sore appear on her lips unfortunately this turned out to be Carcinoma.  As we are living in similar sunny conditions for most of the year Jenny is keen to make others aware how unexpectedly cancer can come about.

TULIPS would like to express their sincere thanks to Jenny and Bill and their friends for raising the fantastic sum of 1,050TL.


Jenny and Bill Brown donate to Tulips
Jenny and Bill Brown donate to Tulips

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