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622 - Nicholas Panayi Art Studio Earth Art went exploring 'Berlin and beyond'

Art Exhibition at the ‘Goethe Institut’

By Heidi Trautmann


Where should an exhibition about Berlin be? At the Goethe, what else! It was arranged some time ago between Mr. Luley, the director of the Goethe Institut and Nicholas Panayi to have the event in the nice and spacious exhibition hall where so many bi-communal events have taken place in the past. And Mr. Luley has arranged to combine the exhibition with a series of films around Berlin (you’ll find the programme on my website or on the website of the Goethe Institut.) He warmly welcomed the guests for the Berlin exhibition.


“The word ART is contained within our EARTH as our world is a piece of art and we must always be aware of it.” These are the words Nicholas Panayi offered us at the opening like a key, a key he and his students are using to open the many doors to the world, its people, the arts they find there and not to forget nature. Thus they have been to Prague, Portugal, France, Cuba, England, Italy and so forth and the last trip was to Berlin. It is an educational trip because you can only judge a country when you have talked to its people, learn the history, tasted the air, and seen its museums and art halls.

Anastasia Pitta. Andrea Andreou, Costas Protopapas, Dina Karapataki, Elli Pati, Haroulla Savvas, Irene Nicolaso, Kostas Tsoumenis, Kyriakos Pierides, Kyros Rossides, Lena, Maria Koukoulli, Narchos Klerides, Yanna Charalambous…and Nicholas Panayi. These are the names of the participants whose words of reflection were attached next to their pictures:


Good words and what can I do better than let them speak for themselves:


It has been proven throughout times that Walls are built to separate people and countries so that a few can govern the world and take advantage of all the economic sources for their own personal interests & benefit. The WALLS bring only Misery, poverty, tears and pain. People do not want walls, people want peace to raise their children and enjoy what life can give. My message on this collage is that we SHOULD ALL stand against and refuse accepting any messages of HATE coming from any side. ENOUGH! NEVER AGAIN! ‘’



About a young Jewish writer living in Germany:

Love and nature are the source of her inspiration

The political development of the 30s and 40s in Germany killed her dreams

She stopped existing.

She stopped creating.

Now, in the Holocaust museum,

a fainted image becomes the inspiration for the artist expressing the pain

and rage resulting from the injustice.



“Attention! East or west”
 The city of Berlin has a fascinating present, a promising future, and a documented, toxic past. Memorials to the holocaust rise out of the streets. So, too, do strips of tarnished metal that snake through the city where the Berlin Wall used to stand. All are symbols of respect, of regret and of remembrance.



“Skyline at Sunset”

As the night falls, Berlin's landmarks appear to float over the river Spree creating a sweet atmosphere. I was lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time.



Scenery in Motion”

This five-part painting shows the changing scenery in motion from Berlin to Muskauer Park. The intense yellow of the flowering rapeseed fields are interchanging with patches of thick forests, a composition of horizontal and vertical lines.



“Golden Yellow”

Optical sensitivity in relation to speed,

a split second,

the uniqueness of the moment.



“Unforgettable Garden” I, II

(Frederick the Great Sans Souci palace gardens)

Inspired by the unusual flower borders, magnificent bulbs and beautiful garden arrangements; an unforgettable garden.



“Harmony Palette”

(Frederick the Great Sans Souci palace gardens)

Nature is challenging us and seducing us through the purity of its colors, of harmony and coexistence with humans. The intense green of the Earth (hope), the orange-yellow leaves (melancholy), the colorful flowers (romanticism) and the mirroring of everything in the pond (receptivity). The coexistence of so many emotions in a landscape, in a space in an art piece...



“The Merge”

Berlin – The Wall – The Fall, February 9th 1989 –

a Ray of Hope for Cyprus.



“Sunset over the Spree River- Berlin”

As long as the sun continues to dissolve the darkness, spreading its light across East and West, people will continue building communication bridges.




This painting has been inspired by the chariot, the Goddess of Victory and four horses abreast on the Brandenburg Gate.

After the geographical and political reunion of the Western and Eastern parts of Germany, the horses celebrate the victory and free themselves from the gate and fly over the city. Originally the monumental gate was a symbol of peace.


Concluding his speech Nicholas Panayi said:

“I admire the German nation how they have succeeded in finding a lasting solution to find together again after forty years of separation. It can be done. We here in Cyprus, we know what we have done, let past be past, we should now go forward for a peaceful future.”

We all appreciated his words.



photo collage of the Berlin Trip
photo collage of the Berlin Trip

Many photos were also taken
Many photos were also taken

Mr Luley and Nicholas Panayi
Mr Luley and Nicholas Panayi

The Berliners
The Berliners

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