Heidi Trautmann

June 10 - The “NCCCE - Children for Environment” Project goes on

In April 2009 schoolchildren between 6 and 15 years of age had got together for a conference at the Acapulco Hotel to show the adult world that they care about their environment. Initiated by Kaleidoskop Turizm in Girne and in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, teachers and schoolchildren had developed solutions for our ever growing problems.

Now, two months later, one of the schools, Ilk Okulu in Catalköy, have some more progress to show on the occasion of their final school festivities on Wednesday June 10, beginning at 18:00 hrs.

This school is one of the first ones to have set up different CÖP bins for separate collection of waste.

The young pupils who have presented their projects to the audience and the press at the conference, have continued their project No Plastic Bags for Shopping by having finished  painting about one hundred cotton bags which were donated to all the participating schools by Kaleidoskop Turizm. On the evening of June 10 they will sell the bags to the public. They expressed their hope that many guests will come to their school, also to see the play on the subject of environment to explain how they got involved and why their work is so important to them.

In their school holidays they plan to set up stands for the sale of their hand-painted cotton bags in front of supermarkets to carry their idea on and spread it among all of us. So, look out for them in the summer months.

Our congratulations for their determination to continue what they have started. They have understood that we all have to work for a better world.

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