Heidi Trautmann

941: The new philosophy behind the EMAA art courses offered for the local community of all ages

By Heidi Trautmann


Children growing up have a natural curiosity to learn about things in their environment, the toddler hardly able to walk will explore the contents of all things that are closed, open drawers and bring everything out, later kids will destroy their toys to see what is inside, I myself when I was 6 years old was cutting a hole in the material covering the loudspeaker of our radio to see the orchestra playing. Later, at an adult age, people tend to give up the urge to discover or rather uncover things because the ‘serious side of life’ does no longer allow them to play.

This is wrong. We should never give up this exciting side in our life, because following our curiosity is the best aid for youth, health and beauty.


In my lifetime I have often heard people say: I have no talent for painting, writing, acting and so on. This is only because they have never inquired about it; they have never opened the door to learning and understanding.  Here is the moment to introduce art education as the key to understanding things of life, to understand oneself and to understand all things that matter.


The art association EMAA (European Mediterranean Art Association) in Nicosia, in cooperation with their municipality, have for many years now established art courses for children and adults running over the whole year. Fully educated and experienced art teachers and artists give their time, they are members of EMAA, to fill this gap in the hope to arouse this curiosity again in people of all age groups.

“The philosophy behind the newly expanded range of courses is designed to cater to individuals and groups of all ages who have an interest in creative thought and practice and to tend to EMAA members' needs as well as the needs of the local community by offering a wide range of courses (both applied and theoretical) that are inclusive and accessible.”


The following link allows readers to learn about all activities and events, address and how to get there:


On my website www.heiditrautmann.com you will find many more reports on the EMAA activities in the past and you will always be informed in future. 

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