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514 - Oud, Nevud and Company- The Nicosia Music Association and concert “May bad luck not touch you


By Heidi Trautmann 


Uproarious applause from the full house at the Rauf Denktaş Hall at the Türk Maarif College greeted the director of the Nicosia Music Association Mr Aydin Hikmet, who is known and loved for his enormous musical body language, and the orchestra in full strength. In the circle of the spotlight the 19 ladies of the chorus sparkled in their beautiful evening dresses, so one had to force the due attention to the 9 male voices next to them. In the front row the12 musicians were seated with two violins (Çağin Zort and Gökhan Koşer), one viola (Meyrem Yildiz), one clarinet (Hasan Akar), one trumpet (Ilkay Idris), one Yan flute (Türkan Aksoy), one Kanun (Zafer Osmanlıoğlu), one Nevud (Ersin Tünay), one Ud (Hasan Daniş) and for the rhythm three musicians (Erdal Ilican, Oğuzhan Şüküroğlu, Salahi Başaran) were responsible.

All songs were announced by a young lady also reciting the refrain so the audience could join in which they did in any case. I had brought a German friend and neighbour from Hamburg with me who had never experienced a concert of this kind before and she was delighted to see such passion shown.

Seven vocalists stepped forward from the circle of the choir and sang soli, three male and four female strong and beautiful voices who received enthusiastic applause by the audience.

But also the instrumentalists all had their soli and were equally stormily thanked. I found it very good.

We all know most of the instruments mentioned except the Kanun, Nevud and Oud some of us might not be familiar with.

A Nevud is guitar-shaped a new design of an Oud, but offering several additional comforts to the player.

The Kanun is the oriental version of our Zither.

And the Oud is a relative of the lute and a forerunner of the guitar.

“Nazar Değmesin – May bad luck not touch you”, the title of the concert evening was a good wish to all guests who received a pin to attach to be protected from all evil. Thank you very much, may it last forever.

One of the soloists
One of the soloists

A special dance performance
A special dance performance

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