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310 - "Big Petroleum Storage Investment" in Yedikonuk on Karpaz Peninsula - URGENT

I have decided to place this important matter on my site of  "cyprus art news" since it is a matter of the artists to protest against this absolutely mad business undertaking; it is nothing else: the effects of this business will in the end destroy our sensitive coasts and the very sensitive tourism which - when trust is once lost - will never return. It is 5 to twelve, help us to alert the world's conscience! I have visited the area many times, please click to see and learn about its beauty: http://www.heiditrautmann.com/category.aspx?CID=7585862465 

The following article is being sent to all supporters of the matter.

"Big Petroleum Storage Investment" to be build on the unspoiled shore of the Karpaz Peninsula close to the Yedikonuk Village (EftaKomi Village)

Definition of the Project:
Project will have more than 100 big Petroleum Tanks that will be filled with the fuel to become petroleum terminal of the area to meet the deman...
d of the petroleum products from the companies operating at the neighboring countries or big ships passing around the area. This area will be also declared as Free Zone, that the company will operate without any restrictions of the local legislation or authorities.

First the tanks will be filled with fuel. Than the demand for some quantity of fuel, will be met from these terminal carried with the special tankers. So, every time the fuel has to be filled to tankers to be carried to the point of demand. This is continuous process and carries risks all the time.
Values of the Area of Iskele/Karpaz:
The places than can be seen in İskele/Karpaz region where natural beauty is integrated with historical richness, include: wild, untouched shores of Efta Komi that is secret camping area of campers, Golden Beach, which is one of the world's most beautiful beaches. Kantara Castle which is one of the 3 mountain castles over Beşparmak Mountains and approximately 700 m above seal level. Eco Tourism Areas in Büyükkonuk(Komi Kebir), Yedikonuk(Efta Komi) Kumyalı and Mehmetçik villages. Endemic at the investment area and many King Tombs in this area are still unknowing by the visitors. Those values of North Cyprus is belongs to World Citizens as well.
Sunbathing in peaceful pristine shores of Cyprus with the sounds of cicadas, relaxing and meeting with the cleanest waters of the Mediterranean are the most important riches of North Cyprus. Enjoying the sea in virgin beaches is equal to the unique pleasure of the holiday. Activities organized as part of special interest tourism in North Cyprus are; Walking Tours at the trails of the villages, Bird Watching tours around the villages, village tourism living with the villagers, belief tourism, healthy tourism, adventure tourism, Scuba diving, bike tours and cultural tours. Nature walks, which provide an opportunity to see sea Turtles nesting or getting out of the eggs and reaching to the sea. Great adventure!, Cyprus endemics, Memorial trees- olive and carob trees, orchid species and rare species allow you to experience the pleasure of being environmentally friendly.
Expected Negative effects of the Project on the values of the Area (Impact of the Project on the Values of the Island and Villages of Karpaz Peninsula Eco Tourism Activities)
The project carries its threats inside it. The material that will be stored at this investment namely fuel filling and discharging, could lead us with a big disaster not only for North Cyprus but it will create environmental disaster for all around the counties at the eastern Mediterranean. This investment even with necessary security measures will also have negative effect on eco tourism efforts of the villagers of North Cyprus. Visitors of the villages will feel unsafe when they notice this investment in the region as well.

The concept of the project is not consistent with the decision of the authorities to invest on eco tourism and develop Community Based Tourism. Since North Cyprus is small island with resources to developed tourism and eco tourism only, this kind of investments is conflicting with the aims to develop eco tourism. The environment and securing natural and historical values are very vital for this island and this kind of investments will give harm and destroy these values.

Additional Negative effects of the Projects:
Inviting smuggling at the open sea: The fuel and licenses related is not familiar for the North Cyprus authorities. However Turkey dealt with this kind of activities and combat with fuel smuggling at the Mediterranean for years. North Cyprus does not have same tools with Turkey to fight with these kind of operations. North Cyprus does not have supervision system to control as well.

Destroying tourism especially sustainable tourism in North Cyprus
As small island North Cyprus investing on tourism. Besides mass tourism at the rural areas eco tourism, community based tourism, villages tourism is developing in North Cyprus. However recent plan of authorities to invest on Petroleum Storage Investment and create Free Zone in the area, disregarding eco tourism investment in the area, will destroy sustainable tourism developments at the area.
No study on Cost benefit Analysis of the Investment
North Cyprus resources are strong to develop eco tourism village tourism only. North Cyprus only could have light industry. However being at the eastern Mediterranean and close to the BTC terminal has created another investment opportunity for the investors such as "storage facilities". This kind of investments are easy way to gain and short term revenue for the governments especially in developing counties. However it destroys sustainable tourism.
With this investment, North Cyprus agriculture is also going to lose its attractiveness. As it is knowing North Cyprus has some niches. Famous Cypriot potato, Artichoke, Caper, wild oregano, olive oil, other organic products will lose their attractiveness as well.
The environmental report of this investment should stated that it is not appropriate investment for the region in the long run. Environmentally, this investment will create important negative effects to destroy sustainable tourism efforts in the region.
With this investment the villagers will become workers, however with eco tourism and farming they will be businessmen.
Another example that we have to bear in mind is CMC in the Lefka region that still creating problems.
We would like to draw attention of the Green Peace and other NGOs to this investment and get their support to avoid this kind of investments in the area. Support us to demonstrate the negative effects of this kind of investment on environment, natural values and sustainable investments in the region. Due to our political unclear situation we are alone and only Green Peace & other NGOs can help us. Waiting your earliest assistance.

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