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797 - News from Laden Ince, Turkish Cypriot Opera Singer - Summer Singing Academy in Torgau/Saxony

By Heidi Trautmann


I very much appreciate that Laden Ince is regularly sharing her news with us when she is abroad as our island’s ambassador for concerts or as right now at a singing summer academy in Torgau. Torgau is a town on the banks of the Elbe in northwestern Saxony, Germany, with beautiful Renaissance architecture. Her latest news is from 19 July 2015.


With the very kind contributions of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce and the Kaleidoskop Turizm, Laden sees herself lucky to be able to attend an advanced and intensive summer singing academy in Germany. The academy is an international platform for young professionals and it takes place in Saxony, Torgau.

Laden had already appeared as a soloist in the Opening Concert of the academy on Wednesday 16th July 2015 at the Johann-Walter-Gymnasium in Torgau. She will continue to sing in a number of evening concerts together with lunch time concerts and church services.


Right after the academy, Laden is going to Poland where she has been invited to sing a full solo recital in the City Center of Warsaw on 3rd August 2015 accompanied on the pianoforte by a Polish emerging artist, Aleksandra Bobrowska.

Laden sends her greetings and would like to express her sincere thanks and appreciation to the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce and the Kaleidoskop Turizm for their generous support which made it possible for Laden to participate in a very high level singing academy and thus to gain further experience on stage to and to work with some of the finest professors in Germany.


Laden ' s most profound wish is to carry on collaborating with the local authorities in Cyprus in order to make the most out of the artistic networks that she established through her studies in various places in Europe; and hence to carry on representing her home country on the international arenas.


From this end in Cyprus we wish her a good time in these old historical places and a successful encounter with musical artists and music lovers. Music is the tool to connect with people in the most peaceful way, and Laden Ince is a charming ambassador to bring it to its full effectiveness.





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